2 Aura is an employability enhancement, campus to corporate programme, for tier 2 colleges. It is designed specifically to develop and groom young minds for their first step into corporate world. This programme comprises of twelve experiential workshops, spread over an entire year.

The workshops develop business skills of these ‘to be – professionals’ and help them understand and appreciate the difference between a teacher and a manager.


2 It is imperative for a teacher to be more than just an instructor for the students. In most of the developing countries, the teachers are deprived of opportunities to augment their teaching skills with behavioural skills.

Atyaasaa Foundation being a change initiator offers Metanoia, a development programme for faculty. This training programme is designed to enhance English communication and behavioural skills of faculty.


2 The future of a country resides within its youth; the adept the young force, the better the prospective growth of a nation. But not all get an equal opportunity to develop their skills, and hence many times are not able to compete in the fast paced professional world.

At Atyaasaa Foundation we have identified this need to develop and encourage these individuals through Adroit, which focuses on developing soft-skills, interpersonal skills and behavioural skills, thus enhancing their employability.


2 Organizations and potential employees undergo a constant struggle to find a perfect match for each other. Meliora endeavours to make this process of 'match making' yield greater success by scientifically identifying the gap in the global competencies as needed by organizations and those possessed by the potential employees.

Atyaasaa works towards bridging this gap through intense and an elaborate re-assessment.