2 Organizations of today, experience a business stalling effect owing to actions of its past successes. Also over a period of time, the people dynamics become an impediment for the shift to the next business orbit.

The ROI based OA to OE transformational people dynamics model facilitates business entities to achieve their aggressive business goals. It is based on the principle premise that an organizations success ultimately is an outcome of the collective behaviours of their members. Atyaasaa thus offers you Helios, a consulting model which is driven by power, passion and perfection. Click here to view the video


2 Athena – Goddess of Wisdom and War is the epitome of wisdom and rationale. She was a superb strategist who championed many heroes, offering them her advice to help them win their battles.

Athena Business Coaching will facilitate to battle these uncertainties by unravelling the beliefs and assumptions underlying the protégées behaviour and replacing them with higher performing choices. It aims to create a rich learning environment that enables knowledge be applied to diverse business situations.


2 Métis - Goddess of Arts and Wisdom is the personification of wisdom and deep thought. Métis being the symbol of introspection and self actualization has been used to describe an individual’s (in turn organization’s) journey towards this excellence.

Métis Business coaching involves carving out opportunities in front of others while coaching them to move to the next level with undying passion. It is an opportunity to glean knowledge and expertise and use it to reach new heights.


2 Prometheus - the Greek God - the creator and champion of mankind, is an icon of wisdom, dedication and courage.

Prometheus – Executive leadership coaching, has been specially designed for the top echelons of the organization. It aims at holistic grooming of an individual in seven crucial aspects of professional life i.e. from managing self to managing stakeholders. This prepares the protégée for greater success at strategic positions in the organization.